Day 2 has come to an end for me here.
Didn’t get a ton done today just because of stuff going on in RL, but still have some progress.
I did get lighting to work with dynamic shadows.  Also I got multi-lighting added also, so now I can add lights wherever in my levels.
I did spend some time trying to implement a suggestion from @SigilXNA about having the tiles ambient light taper off as they get further from the player, but it wasn’t coming out right.  So it got shelved for the time being until the end of the cycle, where maybe I’ll have some time to reincorporate it.  Also the multi-lighting has a bug with how shadows are casted, but the standard lights look right.

So next will be incorporating more content, especially more levels.  I’m shooting for 30 levels per gate.  So a total of 121 levels (floor 1 isn’t part of the gate scheme).  I’ll most likely randomly generate the levels and flesh them out in my editor.

Well time to get back to work.